First Gogny Conference

8-11 December 2015, Bruyères-le-Châtel, France


The first Gogny conference is organized to honor Daniel Gogny’s scientific career and to gather, for the first time during an international meeting, nuclear theoreticians who develop and exploit finite range effective nucleon-nucleon interactions, in particular the Gogny force.
The first conference day will be dedicated to the many roles played by Daniel in various field of physics and to his involvement in the establishment of the basics science DAM/NNSA agreements. Scientists from Commisariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, Madrid university and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will revisit their achievements performed in collaboration with Daniel Gogny in low and high energy nuclear physics (structure and reactions), electromagnetism, atomic and plasma physics. The following three days will be devoted to low energy nuclear physics. This session will gather world-wide specialists in finite range interactions and the associated many-body theories, as well as nuclear reaction practitioners who base their modeling on these theories to improve the quality of the predicted nuclear reaction observables.
The major goal of this conference is to unite for the first time the international physics community that exploits finite range interactions, and induce a debate on a possible common framework to design an extended Gogny force which will meet the needs of mean-field-and-beyond methods in nuclear structure and reaction. The state of the art of the various approaches will be assessed. Their relations and possible cross-fertilization will be discussed. To summarize, more than forty speakers will present their latest accomplishments on the following topics:

  • The Gogny interaction in nuclear structure and reactions.

  • Relativistic methods in nuclear structure.

  • New finite range and density dependent M3Y interactions.

  • G-matrix: two- and three-body forces.

  • No-core shell model: structure and reactions.

  • Nuclear reaction modeling based on nuclear structure input with the Gogny force contributions in the field of nuclear data.

Conference acts will be published as peer-reviewed articles in a topical issue of European Journal of Physics A. An introductory paper will recount Daniel Gogny’s scientific career and his impact on various fields of physics. Specific contributions from each speakers of the session dedicated to low energy nuclear physics will give an account of the past and present works related to finite range interactions and will draw perspectives. According to the conference success, we would like to make it a regular and itinerant meeting to provide regular updates on progress and achievements.

Last update : 02/12/15